On The Hired Man by Aminatta Forna

Aminatta Forna, The Hired Man

– I wondered what kind of assurance she possessed to speak to a stranger in a foreign land in her own tongue and expect to be understood. –

– The way the English saw it, the past was always better. But in this country our love of the past is a great deal less, unless it is a very distant past indeed, the kind nobody alive can remember, a past transformed into a song or a poem. We tolerate the present, but what we love is the future, which is about as far away from the past as it is possible to be. –

– How do you trace your way back to the place where a feeling changed, the course of a friendship turned a corner and became something else? –



– When it comes, the end is a small thing, as endings often are. You have to look back to spot them, to see where things changed for good, the before and the after. –

– Everything you need to know about Gost is here in the cemetery. –

– In towns like this there is nothing to do but learn to live with each other. –



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