Now Following You by Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers, Now Following You

– The trouble with dogs was that they didn’t take kindly to strangers hiding in gardens. –

– “As a criminologist, my role was to analyse what drove civilians to commit acts of violence against the US military.”

“Well, let’s see. The US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and killed lots of civilians. I’d be a bit peeved myself if I were an Iraqi.”

“That was a stumbling block, yes.” –

– Women get told all the time to change the way they act for their own safety. The onus isn’t on me to change my behaviour. I’m not the one doing anything wrong. The onus is on him to stop stalking me. –

– If you spent long enough on Twitter, you’d always find someone worse off than you were. –

– Do I look white to you? Do I look like I spent my childhood reading Enid Fucking Blyton? –


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