Rehana Rossouw, What Will People Say

Rehana Rossouw, What Will People Say

– Her childhood was ending and it was time to learn to be a woman. The lessons started with Mummy teaching her to iron shirts. –

– He still wasn’t sure what they could do against gangsters, the cockroaches that crawled out of the walls after the kitchen lights went off. The watch members’ torches cast a light on their activities, but it was dim. –

– He understood now why people got gerook. It made a boring life seem interesting for a while. –

– [The struggle] were like converted people who went around asking everybody if they had accepted the Lord into their hearts. Only they said Lenin. –

– Making love was the word in Mills & Boon romances, always at the end of the book. Fucking sounded better. –

– The problem isn’t [parents], it’s the system. The system created these ghettos, gave people kak housing and no hope. Then worst of all, they turned a blind eye to the crime that resulted. –

– People got a democratic right to fuck up their lives, Nicky…Your job is to show them a better life, but you can’t force them to accept it. –

Jacana: What Will People Say

My interview with the author:



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