The Space Race by Alex Latimer

Alex Latimer, The Space Race

– To come to the decision to leave Earth for good is a lot like the decision to commit suicide. –

– If untruths become part of our language…then each person is left to decide for themselves the meaning of any sentence. And when language and meaning become subjective, society breaks down. The rule of law becomes a grey area. Commands become suggestions. And how do you keep anyone, including yourself, accountable for actions based on an ambiguous language? –

– “Have you ever seen something beautiful and said, ‘That was pure poetry’?”
“I don’t believe I have.”
“I heard it just yesterday, and I looked at this lady who’d said it and I thought to myself, now that’s an outright lie. No one these days likes poetry.” –

– If they were to spend another night outdoors, a good whisky was as good as a sleeping bag, and easier to carry. –

– “How’d you get into this line of work?”
“I wanted to write books.”
“Oh? Is this…material?” –

– And we go and colonise a moon? Are we the right people for that?…I’ve got eczema and IBS and hardly any social skills – except online. –

– You can’t leave your past, it’s not something that stays in a place when you leave it. It comes with you, it’s part of you. –


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