Come meet local authors, artists, photographers, and filmmakers at the Far Hills Country Hotel on 9 April 2016

Tomorrow, Saturday the 9th of April, I’ll be at Far Hills Country Hotel to meet other artists and talk about This Day. Entry is free, so please come if you can.

Programme of events:

14h30art auction, conducted by auctioneer Rene Cronje, featuring a collection of work by Fiona Ewan Rowett, Philip Denn, Carol Fine, Carol Eady, Christopher Smart, and Leanette Botha among others.

16h00art demonstrations by Leanette Botha and Sheila Cooper Collins; exhibition walk-abouts of the Far Hills 2015/2016 Summer Exhibition (featuring work by artists like Arlene Duff, Daniel Boshoff, Gerrit van Dijk, Leanette Botha, and photographers Wayne Holtzhausen, Colin Stephenson, Raquel Stephenson, and Karin Amm); and Q&A sessions with authors Tiah Marie Beautement, Yvette van Wijk, Helen Leggatt and Michael Leggatt.

18h30 screening of locally shot short film ‘In Light of Is’ followed by a Q&A session with writer director Sabine NLD Bittle and producer Allan Glogauer.

Admission: FREE!


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