Unsettled and Other Stories by Sandra Hill

UnSettled-and-other-stories-cover-s-320x480– Would she mind that each story was losing its boarders? – “South Bound”

– Sometimes I think daughters know least about their mothers, or perhaps being more like them than is comfortable to recognise, we try to hide it, we become forgetful of how very like them we are. – “South Bound”

– How her past and her future are tethered together by this track and the clackety-clack of the wheels, the dust, soot and the smoke. – “Thicker Than Water”

– She tilts her head back and lets her ears fill, listens like a while to the groans and moans of the ocean-body. She imagines herself a buoyant sea creature free from the crushing weight of gravity, of her gender, her nationality, her age. – “Could Be”

– He wishes Adeela would dress like a dying woman, cover her deformity with a robe or a blanket for Christ’s sake. – “By Any Other Name”



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