Chasing the Tails of my Father’s Cattle by Sindiwe Magona


– That for the heart to sing, it must put away all that taints it: those punishments meted out by a life lived, the grievances, the indignities, in all their manifestations, that are our lot. –

–There are times when only the vast ocean of timelessness can wash away sorrow, when its unceasing agitation, ageless roar and blinding blueness are the sole slave for a wounded spirit. –

– A child is a child is a child, no matter the gender. –

– Women are encouraged, if not coerced, to follow the rules society has set for them. –

– Husbands returning from mines wanted, expected docile wives, docile as the youthful maidens they had married and soon left. But a wife left husbandless soon gets used to do things her way, getting on with the business of getting on. –

My interview with the author:


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