Work Like Any other by Virginia Reeves

29199628– A farm was no place for an electrician. –

– Hope makes disappointment that much harsher when it arrives. –

–An hour of rest can make a believer out of any man. –

– The tree that had been his marriage remained, made up of the same components, but it stood at odd angles, its parts misaligned, its growth stalled. –

–And work is measured in time as much as it is measured in pay. I am uncertain how many hours of running equal a man’s hand, his wrist, and forearm and elbow. How many books must be stacked in exchange for one finger? How much milk driving into a pail? How man holes dug, how many dogs pulled from the ground and then buried back even deeper? How many wives and sons?

I am still unsure of my debts. –

Review for the ST:


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