The Domestication of Munachi by Ifesinachi O. Okpagu

29487399.jpg– Mother liked to reel out English words from the dusty corners of the dictionary; the kind of words that even the Queen of England would marvel at. –

– It took me years to figure out that the main characters of her story had strong similarities with the writer, but when I pointed it out she laughed at me and denied it. –

– Here in Lagos, I might as well walk naked for all they care. Life just moved on smoothly around me. Nobody cared that my heart was drumming like a crazy night dancer. Nobody cared that my palms felt like I had slicked them with groundnut oil before leaving the house. –

– “Men,” Nkoli spat. “They are our tickets to the golden life, but they can use you like newspaper for wrapping roasted corn.” –

–”You see, my dear,” she said. “There are no rules when it comes to life, but there are rules when it comes to the heart.” –

My interview with the author:


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