South By Frank Owen

30257981.jpg– Felix Callahan sat on the rusted exercise bike, naked. –

– Everywhere she went Ruth sowed a garden first thing – not grass or flowers the way other people did, but a medicine garden. Not only for the teas and poultices she cooked up, thought Vida, but because of the immigrant’s disease: homesickness. –

– The slipping away of your spirit had to be a terrifying thing, like the shock of birth, with its transition into the cold, dry world. –

– Give a man a pair of dry pants and he thinks he owns the world. –

– The carcasses of cars here and there lay scattered, like white bones picked clean in the desert. –

– The steeple had once pointed straight up into the sky but had grown tired, sagging under the insistent prayers of the undeserving. –


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