Tjieng Tjang Tjerries and Other Stories by Jolyn Phillips

0cd113966d_tjieng-tjang-tjerries-low-res-193x300– Best of all is, they always had milk and Coke in the fridge, not like in our house where we drank powder milk in our cereal because Ma said milk was for madams and queens and we weren’t either. –

– God became a ghost when I came to work on the boats in Gansbaai. –

– My first book had no cover, not even a name. Then and there I decided I would make that book mine, because no one wanted it. –

– Yes, she remembers how the child pulled on her sleeve once its soul had slipped from its body and it was looking for someone like her, with her gifts to help it pass on to the other side. –

– The more Mr Wong comes to teach him these strange words, the more he loses the words everyone around him uses. –

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