The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

25573977.jpg– A town’s always at its best at a funeral. Always nice when something happens. –

– People were strange like that. They could be completely uninterested in you, but the moment you picked up a book, *you* were being rude. –

– I completely agree with what you said about the Bible: with so many interesting stories, it’s a shame no one edited it better. –

– There’s no author I admire more than Joyce Carol Oates. I think the only reason she hasn’t won the Nobel Prize … is that she writes too much. Productivity like hers just overwhelms the male critics’ sense of self – she writes more quickly than they can critique her. –

– For me, terrorism is still the image of white men, people active in society, standing over the charcoaled, lynched body of a black man and looking pleased with their work. –

– If he had learned anything in life, it was that there were no happy endings. Life simply went on. –

– She was quite certain that if, against all odds, God did deign to talk to her, she wouldn’t hear anything nice. –


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