The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon

29223495– In here, when people stop talking, and stop asking, and stop remembering, that’s when they start to lose that piece of themselves. That’s when their brains start to mush. –

– She says if everyone would listen to the stories deep down inside the earth, we would hear the whisperings of everything there is to hear, and if everyone did that, then maybe we wouldn’t get stuck so much. –

– Writing does lie. It lies all the time.–

– Sometimes those kids go quiet for a while then get some happy and some chat back. But some of them go quiet and never get anything back at all. And every time that happens I wonder if someday those kids will find their voices out there somewhere, or if the red dirt in here has sucked dry their throats for good. –

– I need these stories. Everyone else in here has memories to hold on to. Everyone else has things to think on to stop them getting squashed down to nothing. But I don’t have memories of anywhere else, and all these days just squish into the same. I need their stories. I need them to make my memories. –

Review for the Sunday Times:


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