Mister Memory by Marcus Sedgwick

27401262.jpg– Without magic, a fairy tale is only a folk tale, and that, after all, is no more than a mundane story told between friends and neighbours. –

– Memories, even of something so notable as the sound of gunshots very close by, could not always be relied upon. And the interesting things was that, very often, these people who contradicted one another did not seem to be lying. Each of them could be absolutely convinced of the truth of their own story… –

– All that we are is an assembly of a sequence of memories. And if they are merely a sequence of individual, discrete events, then how can we create a single continuous self from them? And if there is no continuity of the self, then how can we be held responsible for our actions of five years ago, or six months ago, or even, for that matter, this morning? –

– Who really cares about anyone else’s story until it collides with your own? –

– The dog knows how to be a dog, whereas man, he does not know how to be a man. –


Review for the Sunday Times: http://bit.ly/2dV3J1z


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