Selection Day by Aravind Adiga

28277145.jpg– In this city we throw boys out of the women’s compartment of the train when they are seven, and tell them, to the men’s compartment. Push and survive. In sport there is not always a difference between a boy and a man. –

– Manju had a horrible premonition about intimacy: it could be this simple, this could be how something starts – just because he asks you twice to tell him your story. –

– ‘What are your observations on the difference between India and England in terms of cricket?’
‘For them, it is just a game.’

– This was the only place he had ever felt entirely safe: his mother’s childhood. –

– For this too, is hell: knowing you are not – and can never be – as good as you want to be. –

– The helmet was waiting – of all the masks you will have to choose from, it asked, why not take me as your own? –

– A son’s true opinion of his parents is written on the back of his teeth. –



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