Real to Reel by Lidia Yuknavitch

839230– It doesn’t matter what one chooses or doesn’t choose in life. Certain stories override any will you may or may not have. Certain stories write us. – ‘Scripted’

– Then she looks at the bar mirror which is him. They look at each other like that for a long minute. Then she pitches her drink in his face and leaves. It is unbelievably overdramatic. The words “hyperbole pick-up-sticks-fuck” knock around in her skull like dice in a cup in her leaving, though he doesn’t know this precisely. He knows this dully. – ‘Shooting’

– A woman as common as a sentence stretches herself out naked before them. – ‘Chair’

– Without language everything returns to its object status. Imagination returns. Wonder. Huge. Violent. Like a child’s. – ‘Signification’

– I look at my hands and they remind me of these pages on which I have written so many words to no one. Who would take my story into their life? No one. In that nothing is my face. A face which is only the trace of a woman whose name you will never speak, whose house you will never enter. The wife of an image. –



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