This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busquets

26085728– The problem with families of choice is that they disappear more easily than the blood ones. –

– I’m crazy about my asymmetrical body, it’s soft, skinny, imperfect, and disproportionate; I spoil it, I grope it, I give it what it asks for, I follow it all over the place, I meekly obey it, I never contradict it. It’s the opposite of a temple. I have tried, I have tried and never succeeded, just let my head be a temple, but my body always remains an amusement park. –

– “Know what one of the toughest things about growing old is?” she asked me one day. “Realizing that nobody cares what you have to say.”

– What sort of dying person is in the mood to utter a last sentence? I guess the ones concerned with posterity, though maybe all the fuss about a person’s last words is just another load of nonsense. –

–I don’t think anyone can come out of being photographed while shitting unscathed. –


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