Swing Time by Zadie Smith

28390369.jpg– To me they were only roads leading to the dance. The story was the price you paid for the rhythm. –

– “Freebism”: the practice of giving free things to people who have no need of them.

– I noticed she did not have an Australian accent, not any more, but neither was it quite American or quite British, it was global: it was New York and Paris and Moscow and LA and London combined. –

– Want it, see it, take it. No apologies. I don’t apologize ever for what I want! But I see you – and I see that you spend your life apologizing! It’s like you’ve got survivor’s guilt or something! –

– In the subtle way of the best bullies, Judy and Aimee strove to freeze me out of all important decisions while simultaneously ensuring that nothing they said or did could be explicitly interpreted as punishment or retribution. –

– I wish I could fool myself the way she can. I’m jealous of anyone that oblivious. A little ignorance never stopped her. –

– You want to believe there are limits to what money can make happen, lines it can’t cross. –

– Sometimes I wonder if people don’t want freedom as much as they want meaning. –



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