Dislocated by Tiah Beautement

I am honoured to have a story published by FunDza. They are a literary trust for tween and teen readers. Content can be read for free, with apps to suit various devices, and readers are encouraged to comment on the stories. You can learn more about them by clicking HERE. You can read my story, Dislocated, by clicking HERE.

About Dislocated:

Malcolm is seventeen and his mother has left his father, dragging him to a small American town. He doesn’t know what’s going on between his parents, life is boring and he misses Cape Town. That is, until he meets Becca. Her family is as messed up as his – maybe more. But things with Becca are complicated. Why can’t they be simple? Why is it so hard to do the right thing?

The story is set in a fictional rural Oregon town, which was loosely based on Langlois, Oregon, not far from where I grew up. While the story is, of course, completely made up, I could not resist adding in one element from my teens – we really would sneak into the forest to listen to a band. We liked to believe none of the adults knew, but I’m sure they did. I hope you enjoy the story. Malcolm and Becca are two characters dear to my heart.



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