Tess by Tracey Farren

33830561.jpg– ‘My dear, when Jesus enters you, you know know HE is the only…’
‘Look, he’s a man. I’m a chick. And you want Jesus to enter me? I have enough of that every damn day, thanks. –

– I threw my name away at False Bay Holiday. –

– I sew the rands, I sew the minutes. Sequin by sequin, I sew the time through the day. This way no one gets to touch my think skin. On the road my nerves would be shot, my skin would be screeching. The sun hissing though the salt air. –

– Did you know hope can make you claustrophobic? It’s from happiness stuffed down, I think. –

– What if they are screaming and nobody can hear? –

– They must have trashed all the proof of the holy women. I reckon Jesus’s mother, Mary, was one She knew what the hell she was doing here. She knew she had a special job. She went, Her everyone, here’s a kid who can help you remember. –



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