The Long Wave by Tom Dreyer

32438749.jpg– Luke found him under a half-built dimetrodon, felled by the intensity of his vision, though the doctor called it sciatica. –

– But how do you fit a life into a Thermos flask five inches in diameter? –

– We are forever seeing patterns in randomness. That’s just what we do. –

– What lay ahead was more than just a place – whatever the other two might say. It was a culmination and a consummation: of his months in Kuils River and of the years and decades that had gone before. –

– This is what happens…stone crumbles, papers curl, and wreaths shrivel in their plastic domes. But even then something does endure. These objects, those that form the backdrop of our days, and those so intimately implicated in our lives that we think of them as ours, are just our accidental contemporaries and will one day go on without us. –


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