Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners by Therese Oneill

29467289– The cage structure distributes the incredible weight of the fabric and holds the hem away from your feet so you won’t trip. Well, you’re probably going to trip anyway, because you’re wearing forty pounds of clothing, your shoes are crazy pinchy, and there is an amazing amount of horse poop in the street. But it won’t be because your dress is too close to your feet. –

– Do not poop next to where you drink. –

– Have you ever looked at the covers of your mother’s trashy romances and wondered if those women were pushing away their kilted, oily-chested lovers not because of deep rivalry between their equally sexy clans, but because it was her time of the month and she didn’t want his greasy man-breath anywhere near her? –

– “Comstockery” is defined as “excessive opposition to supposed immorality in the arts’ prudery.” It’s something a gruff old English teacher might bark out at a school-board meeting where it is decided to ban all books that contain the word “climax.” –

– He did not associate birth control with half-dead mothers of twelve hungry babes whose drunk husbands kept impregnating them with yet another feeble life that would starve and wither. To him, contraception made it possible for people to have sex without consequence. And by people, he mostly meant whores… –



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