Dead to Me by Lesley Pearse

27162607.jpg– From what I see of married life around where I live, marriage isn’t idleness but slavery. –

– ‘Mum said [menstruation is] a good thing, because it means I’m becoming a woman,’ Susan said. ‘But if the tummy ache you get is a regular thing, I’d rather be a man.’ –

– Our real stories are far more exciting than the ones we make up. –

– But how did you make a friend? You could hardly stop someone in the street and demand they became your friend. –

– ‘Don’t you think with war likely to break out soon that people should say what is in their hearts?’ Wilby said. ‘In the last one everyone I knew lost someone, and I heard many women, including my own mother, speak of their regrets at not telling the person they’d lost how much they loved them.’ –


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