Delilah Now Trending by Pamela Power

34654960.jpg– She was still surprised [her ex] hadn’t installed a mirror on the ceiling of his new bedroom. After all, as she’d always maintained, he used to shout out his own name during sex. –

– Lilah cursed her breasts, which were more ungovernable than a bunch of EFF MPs in parliament. –

– ‘You’re talking to yourself again,’ said Henry over her shoulder.
Cass added: ‘You need to watch that, Lilah. Seriously, if you start collecting cats I don’t think I can be your lawyer any more.’ –

–  ‘There! Now, that is a presentable looking lady garden. Even if I do say so myself.’…
‘What are you talking about?” There’s no garden left. It’s a bloody-rockery now!’ –

My review for the Sunday Times:


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