Sex with Shakespeare by Jillian Keenan

25817303–A penguin tried to feed me by vomiting on my foot. I watched the nutritious brown gel roll off the toe of my green boot and onto the snow beneath, and knew that my childhood wasn’t typical. –

– A handgun, I’ve decided, is like a typo: you don’t notice it until you do. But then it’s the only thing you see. –

– “Privacy” is one of the most potent and insidious weapons a sexual majority can use against people with nonnormative sexual identities. “Privacy” sounds good. It sounds responsible and mature. But “privacy” is tied up with isolation and shame. It drives people underground. It puts people in danger. . . Without sexual privacy, discretion suffers. Without sexual transparency, people suffer. –

– We don’t really read literature. We only read ourselves, and each new book is another chapter. –

– David, my boy with the baseball cap, was spanking me to the rhythm of iambic pentameter. –


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