SPIRE by Fiona Snyckers

34697553.jpg– Let’s be honest here – I’m the black guy in the red shirt beaming down with the landing party. A salt demon will get me. Or a face-sucking parasite. –

– The ecologists might see Antarctica as a delicate flower, but in Caroline’s eyes she was a tough bitch who would outlast them all. –

–Of the whole contagion of humanity that blanketed the earth, women were the most infected. They were the fecund ones, the ones that carried the seeds of the next generation in their wombs. Their diseased ovaries spat out eggs every month, like large-cell bacteria that lived to multiply. –

– Men did stupid and criminal things around her. It didn’t make her feel flattered or wanted. It made her feel unsafe. –

– Goran Elkabir was clearly a bat who hung upside down in his cave for a few hours each night, probably with a cell phone clutched in his claws. –

To read a preview, click HERE


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