Marlena by Julie Buntin

34726829– Tell me what you can’t forget and I’ll tell you who you are. –

– Why do they say ghosts are cold? Mine are warm, a breath dampening your cheek, a voice when you thought you were alone. –

– Marlena called me naive, but what I really think she meant is privileged, a word people use like an insult in New York, but that I’ve always taken to mean safe. Privilege is something to be aware of, to fight to see beyond, but ultimately to be grateful for. It’s like a bulletproof vest; it makes you harder to kill. –

– For so many women, the process of becoming requires two. It’s not hard to make out the marks the other one left. –

– I didn’t steal from the houses Mom cleaned, from the very, very rich, is because I was afraid of getting caught. Marlena didn’t steal because she didn’t see the point. You can’t steal a whole new life. –

– Who can recognize the ending as it’s happening? What we live, it seems to me, is pretty much always a surprise. –

– An ending that happens again and again no matter how much I don’t want it to. Maybe that’s all loss is. What happens, whether you like it or not. What won’t let you go.
Marlean – look. I didn’t forget.
I wrote it down. –

Review for the Sunday Times:


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