Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor

31143800– People just wanted to open their mouths and talk, and they didn’t mind what came out. –

– The wild fennel came up ferny bright in the shelter of the old quarry, and when Winnie went to pick some she found knotted condoms lying around yet again. It was the knotting that surprised her. –

– The girl had been looked for; in the beech wood, in the river, in the hollows at Black Bull Rocks. She had been looked for at the abandoned quarry, the storage containers broken open and the rotting freight wagons broken open and the doors left hanging as people moved on down the road. They had wanted to find her. They had wanted to know she was safe. They had felt involved, although they barely knew her. –

– He had another go at being mindful but mostly he minded a drink. –

– Martin was thinking of selling his [laptop], he said, but he wanted to be sure the memory was wiped. Passwords, bank details, all that. You’ll get a more or less clean drive if you reformat it, Cooper told him. But the only way to be sure is to physically destroy it. A hammer works well. A hammer? Martin asked. Won’t that affect the resale value? It will tend to, Martin, yes. There is that. –

Review for the Sunday Times:


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