Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips

33295296.jpg– It’s dangerous to battle without a helmet. Why do you think Capitan America only wears a hood? It’s not good protection, is it? –

– She doesn’t picture them as Arabic – she has been wondering, of course. But they do not sound like that kind of terrorist. They sound like young, obnoxious white men – aren’t they always young white men? –

– There are times when she feels she is in charge of everything – what Lincoln needs to bring on his field trip and when the exterminator is due and when the milk is about to run out – and why are there a thousand small things that fall to her and why is Paul so happy to let it all fall to her? –

– Margaret Powell is well aware that she may die in the next few minutes, shot in the back by one of her students. She is not completely surprised. –


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