The Friend by Dorothy Koomson

31348251.jpg– I sometimes think they work against me because it’s fun to see Mama, who at all other times is calm and sane, become a screaming monster. –

– Usually I feel like I am running at a hundred miles an hour just to stand still; often I feel like I am working very hard to not permanently damage one of the children. I’ve never been one of those serene parents who breezes thought life, managing to do it all and do it well. –

– I never say ‘cornucopia’, it’s not the sort of word I’ve ever had occasion to use, but today, seeing what is being paraded in front of my taste buds, there is no other word that would be suitable. –

– I sometimes think I live ‘if only’ embroidered into every element of my life. –

Review for the Sunday Times



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