Midwinter by Fiona Melrose

32511982.jpg– I was gone, but I never really left you, heart. I never will. –

– You think you aren’t the man who will let that sort of thing break him, you think it won’t stretch your centre until it is too thin to hold, but in the end you are, and it did. It made me into a man I would not choose to befriend. –

– Ma always said it was good to be a goose. You always knew where you’d come from and where you were going. –

– Walking was the only thing I knew to do when I didn’t know where to be. –

– Pain is not always the same every time you feel it. It has different moods to it depending where it began and where it has come to sit. –

– So perhaps you could just try to acknowledge that a man cannot always be kept from life. Sometimes it just comes for you. And you have to muddle through the best you can. I made mistakes. It didn’t work out. But now you have made mistakes too. And you will sit with that for the rest of your life. –



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