Shrill by Lindy West

31423180.jpg– “Shrill” is a gendered insult: calling a man “shrill” makes as much sense as calling smell “tall.” To be shrill is to reach about your station; to abandon your duty to soothe and please; in short, to be heard. –

– Desexualization is just another form of sexualization. Telling fat women they’re sexless is still putting women in their sexual place. –

– In a certain light, feminisim is just the long, slow realization that the stuff you love hates you. –

– This is just a wacky idea I had, but maybe it’s not a coincidence that, in a country where half the population’s normal reproductive functions are stigmatized, American uterus-and-vagina-havers are still fighting tooth and nail to have those same reproductive systems fully covered by health insurance that we pay for. –

– There is nothing novel or comedic or righteous about men using the threat of sexual violence to control noncompliant women. This is how society has always functioned. Stay indoors, women. Stay safe. Stay quiet. Stay in the kitchen. Stay pregnant. Stay out of the world. If you want to talk about silencing, censorship, placing limits and consequences on speech, this is what it looks like. –

– They’d attempted to demonstrate that comedy, in general, doesn’t have issues with women by threatening to rape and kill me, telling me I’m just bitter because I’m too fat to get raped, and suggesting the debate would have been better if it were Jim raping me. –

– Thanks to Internet trolls, I’m perpetually reminded that the boundary between the civilized world and our worst selves is just an illusion. –


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