A Thousand Paper Birds by Tor Udall

33606120.jpg– He thinks that there should be a place in every town where people could put rescued or found things. Not just objects, but snippets of forgotten languages, or misused time – an hour that can never be lived again. It would be a place where lost faiths could be collected…extinct animals and old wives’ tales…unfinished songs, discontinued books, deleted texts…All this would be remembered: missed opportunities, mislaid friends, the smile of a wife. It would be a place for lost things. –

– He is slightly embarrassed by how much he enjoys weeding words, or pruning back an ellipsis; a poet trapped inside a gardener’s body. –

– Mozart once said that the music is not in the notes, but the pauses in between. –

– How much does paper bend? –

– Jonah has become a witness to his life from a different perspective, his past rewritten by a different author. –

– When all beliefs have been smashed what is left of a man? –


Review for the Sunday Times:


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