Apex Magazine reviews May I Want

Apex Magazine, in their feature Words for Thought, has reviewed May I Want.

Excerpt from A.C. Wise’s review:

~There’s a fairytale like quality to the story, but Beautment goes beyond fairy-tale tropes, filling the story with longing, and giving her characters complicated pasts. Fairy tale structure is deployed, as well, with the repeated refrain of ”May I want?”, Ziya’s way of expressing interest in something as her language skills develop. What is innocent curiosity in a child’s mouth becomes something else in her mother’s—the melancholy expression of someone who feels they are not allowed to desire anything for themselves, who feels constrained by fate, lineage, and station in life. The story is beautifully written, full of characters afraid to express themselves, living with various social restrictions and expectations. Every choice comes with a cost, something else that must be sacrificed. Naja’s choice to marry the Lord costs her relationship with Laila, just as Laila’s choice to pass her legacy and power on to her daughter means conferring the burden of that power at the same time. ~

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