WILL, the Passenger Delaying Flight… by Barbara Adair

Cover of Barbara Adair's Will, the passenger Delaying Flight has a faded cloud background with illustrated outlines of various people at an airport, hauling luggage, talking on phones, type thing.

~Do we all have no reason, I am born and I died and the reason for being in this airport is that I am alive, I am alive so I may as well be in this airport, walking.~

~ Charles Grayson Smith, Junior, is a traveller. This is what he now calls himself, as he is aware that in the world it is necessary to call oneself something for labels give meaning to the other otherwise meaningless. It is important to have an identity.~

~I wish I did not have to do this work, if only I could just fuck for money, I hate to be polite, it annoys me, the higher I soar the smaller I am to those who cannot fly, but I cannot fly, I am a waitress in the sky…~

~Jack Kerouac was slim and blond and heterosexual; the all-American good-looking boy. . . Truman Capote was also blond, but he was short and fat and homosexual and sometimes a bitch.~

~Vivienne Westwood dressed Sid Vicious until the day he died; this was not for long as he died young.~

~Karl’s belief is the more you stand out in the crowd the less you are noticed, so being a clown is an excellent disguise for a terrorist.~

~On one occasion the buyer was in a wheelchair so there was no real need to request that he worse specific clothing, but Wallace did anyway as he does not believe the disabled should be identified purely in relation to their disability.~


Read the Book Bite for the Sunday Times: https://bit.ly/3bZFHeU

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