Auxiliary: London 2039 by Jon Richter

A bloody robotic arm hovers over London, which is depicted in blue hues.

~The eggheads that built machines to take everybody’s jobs had been surprised when their machines built machines that could take theirs.~

~Real life had been made obsolete.~

~Dremmler wondered if they’d reach a point where people were so desperate for work that it would become cheaper to employ them than the machines once again.~

~April 1, 2029 became known as the day children were banned.~

~Human body parts were becoming unwanted hand-me-downs, like second-hand jackets.~

~It felt good to be working with somebody once again, however short-term the arrangement. Even if that somebody was a borderline-alcoholic with an unspecific gender and a single consonant instead of a name.~

~Dremmler felt a pulsing in his temple as he considered the blurring boundary between real and unreal, as though he could sense a ghostly underworld trying to break through.~

~The fragments don’t even feel like part of the same jigsaw.~

*Please note this is an advanced review copy from a publisher outside South Africa. I was not paid to read this book, nor did the author or publisher influence which quotes I selected.
Auxiliary: London 2039

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