The Gospel According to Wanda B. Lazarus by Lynn Joffe

The cover of Wanda B. is brick with a mosaic girl peeping out. It is drawn from The Gypsy Girl Mosaic of Zeugma.

~’But Rov, it is said that you are the Messiah,” said the shepherd.
‘I’ve never claimed that,’ Yossi said.
‘You’ve ridden a donkey. You were born in Bethlehem.’
‘That’s all pretty circumstantial.’~

~There are many who might recommend it, but a water birth isn’t for everyone.~

~’I actually missed out on this Bat Mitzvah thing. They only gave them to boychiks in my home town.’
‘Are you a virgin?’ she asked.
‘Say what? That’s a bit of a personal question.’~

~I surfed the singing sands to the shore of a Clearwater lake shaped like a new moon, slap-bang in the middle of nowhere.~

~Did you know that haemorrhoids were the third greatest cause of death to Yiddles from the Middle Ages right up to the Enlightenment?~

~Poor Solly, he really was besotted with Roxy. He started dreaming in iambic pentameter, a trying task at the best of times.~

~Apart from her unfortunate looks, her introverted temperament, and a tendency to birth babies who died in infancy, Antonia had everything going for her.~

~The reason the Victorians didn’t know the difference between art and pornography was that they were not exposed to much of either.~


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