Dreaming in Colour by Uvile Ximba

Starry Night sky with fat yellow sun and a Black young woman's head from nose up, in her plaits sit two sun birds.

~It was one of those thickly hot days when it felt as if the sun was sitting on the living room sofa.~

~Intently, she sat there, Listening to me unfold the soft, happy yellow dream of her coming out to her mother.~

~Spring was patiently colouring the trees back in.~


Am I still the light?~

~School can be the beginning of broken societies.~

~Even primary school kids know about crushes. But what I thought I knew was that crushes were little birds in cages reserved only for boys. I couldn’t explain then why I felt like there was a flock of wild birds in my belly, their wings flapping enthusiastically every time I saw her. Or why those birds nested in my lungs, beaks snapping away all the air, leaving me winded and gasping. Why did I being to dream about her?~

~That not all protests look like strength.~

~When will I realise that I must be a haven for myself?~

~Colours are the dreams you recover in everything you look at.~


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