MeSmileMediumTiah Marie Beautement was born and raised in small town Oregon in the USA. Her university education was spread between St Mary’s in California and University of Cape Town. After graduation she found herself in the UK, picking up a South African husband, two children and a second citizenship (UK). In 2008 she moved to South Africa with her family. They live in the southern Cape on the Garden Route, with their dogs and a small flock of chickens. She splits her time between writing, running writing workshops for children and reviewing books for the Sunday Times. Tiah’s short stories can be found scattered over the internet and in various magazines and anthologies. This Day is her second novel (Modjaji, August 2014).

The Full CV:

This Day, Modjaji, 2014
Moons Don’t Go To Venus, Bateleur Books, 2006

YA short stories:
Writ in Water” – FunDza, May 2018 (Adventure fantasy / Drama)
The House” – FunDza, March 2018 (Drama / Urban Fantasy)
An American Refugee” – Cast of Wonder, March 2018 (Urban Sci-fi / gender rights)
Zimbali Jadeite & Me” – FunDza, January 2018 (Drama / gender rights)
Dear Fortune” – FunDza, January 2018 (Drama)
Last Night” – FunDza, September 2017 (Drama / Spec Fic)
Auntie Jax” – FunDza, July 2017 (Drama)
Serenade” – FunDza, July 2017 (Drama)
Sting Like A Bee” – FunDza, May 2017 (Drama / romance)
I Will Find You” – FunDza, April 2017 (Spec Fic / romance)
Surfing & Shakespeare” – FunDza, March 2017 (Drama / romance)
“Dislocated” – FunDza, January 2017 (Drama / romance)

Adult short stories:
“She & I” – Kalahari Review, July 2016 (Spec Lit)
“Hands” – Terra Incognita, January 2015 (Spec Lit)
“A Lost Language to Her English Lover’ – AERODROME, June 2014 (Spec Lit)
“Feral” – Kalahari Review, March 2014
It’s a Pleasure” – Literary Mama, August 2013
Man to Man” – Short Story Day Africa, 2013
Face Rock” – Ludic Press, August 2012“Cordelia, age 26″ – The Edge of Things published by Dye Hard Press, May 2011 (Spec Lit)
“A Letter from a Spinster (age 50) to a Gentleman (age 28)” – itch, March 2011
“An Ever After” – Botsotso, October 2010
“3am” – New Contrast Issue 150, 2010
“Bobby Brown” – Litnet, July 2010
“Surfing for Jesus” – Litnet, February 2010
“Alles van die beste” – Wordsetc Third Quarter, 2009
“A Melktert Day” – New Contrast Issue 146, 2009
“Gas Station Growing Pains” – Flashquake Fall 2007

“Going with the Flow” (non fiction) – VISI Jan / Feb 2015
“Birds of Promise” – memoir, Wisdom Has a Voice, ebook June 2011, paperback September 2011
“What Matter’s Most” – memoir, MotherVerse, Spring 2007