Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

everyone-brave-is-forgiven– The first problem of war was that no one was any good at it yet. –

– Blisters were the true reason the men hated the enemy. The invasion of Poland was terrible, of course, but at least it was an event that had taken place outside of everyone’s boots. –

– But what good is it to teach a child to count, if you don’t show him that he counts for something? –

– ‘I’m really not myself at the moment.’
‘Oh for pity’s sake, who is? You’re an army officer. I’m a schoolteacher. The whole work is in fancy dress.’ –

– I was brought up to believe that everyone brave is forgiven, but in wartime courage is cheap and clemency out of season. – Continue reading


Work Like Any other by Virginia Reeves

29199628– A farm was no place for an electrician. –

– Hope makes disappointment that much harsher when it arrives. –

–An hour of rest can make a believer out of any man. –

– The tree that had been his marriage remained, made up of the same components, but it stood at odd angles, its parts misaligned, its growth stalled. –

–And work is measured in time as much as it is measured in pay. I am uncertain how many hours of running equal a man’s hand, his wrist, and forearm and elbow. How many books must be stacked in exchange for one finger? How much milk driving into a pail? How man holes dug, how many dogs pulled from the ground and then buried back even deeper? How many wives and sons?

I am still unsure of my debts. –


Review for the ST: bookslive.co.za/f57x

The One-In-A-Million Boy by Monica Wood

25862989.jpg– Because the story of your life never starts at the beginning. –

– Certain things, examined in the frozen light of retrospect, were simply unforgivable. –

– The truth was this: playing guitar was the single occasion in his slight and baffling life when he had the power to deliver exactly the thing another human being wanted. –

– You can win. All you have to do is not die. –

– She saw her mistake: she’d given a musician music that couldn’t be heard. –

My review for the RSA Sunday Times: http://bit.ly/28PUdsY